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【CASTEC】Mobile Robot Solution

【CASTEC】Mobile Robot Solution

Robots play a key role in advancing towards smart manufacturing.

i-Operator series offer a mobile robot solution using a safe, 6-axis collaborative robot arm at 5 ~ 10kg payload.

i-Operator navigates by itself through a digital map. It does not require magnetic tape track, and does its own path planning. Using a central control platform and a user-friendly interface, i-Operator provides an excellent automated delivery solution for enterprises.

*Note: i-Operator series conform to SEMI S2 standard and for use in semiconductor manufacturing environment.



  • Self navigation, auto path planning
  • No magnetic tape track needed
  • Automatic obstacles avoidance.  Automatic new path identification if path is being blocked
  • Dynamic path planning
  • Remote monitoring
  • Automatic charging



Robot Payload(Max)
727 mm (L)
570 mm (W)
1555 mm (H)
697 mm (L)
698 mm (W)
1896 mm (H)
Robot Reach
1,100 mm以上
1,300 mm以上
Battery: 22 - 29 VDC LiFeP04
Run Time: 240 - 260 min(Continuous)
Charge Time: 40 - 60 min
Mobility Speed
600 - 1,000 mm/s



CASTEC was founded in March 2005, specialized in equipment manufacturing and committed to the development, design and manufacture of automation equipment. We have an excellent team of R&D engineers. Our product applications cover traditional manufacturing, hospitals, semiconductor, footwear and bio-technology.  Our products are customized according to customers' requirement, regardless of design, planning or system integration, to maximize both the output and yield.