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【Spirox】SoC Test Solution

【Spirox】SoC Test Solution

Spirox's 250MHz SoC tester provides a flexible and scalable architechure, which can meet the test requirements of various digital/analog applications (MCU, consumer, memory controller, automotive,etc.)!



  250MHz high speed clock rate (4ns cycle rate)
  All-in-one digital board (Digital+DPS+GPMU+TMU+HV)
  - GPMU uses floating ground which can be connected in series to provide high voltage
  - GPMU's voltage accuracy is up to 0.5mV which can meet various test requirements
  Up to +42V of Force/Measure VI



  Optimum mass production configuration, three tester models can be selected according to demand :
  - SP2500-Q (3-slot)/SP2500-H (5-slot)/SP2500-A (9-slot)
  - Compatible with many other testers load-board & probe-card
  Independent board architechure can improve test efficiency and optimize test time
  The most common C++ programming environment and easy-to-use graphical debugging tools


  • 128 digital channels (1 slot), max. up to 1152 digital channels (9 slot)
  • 250MHz clock rate, support free run clock
  • 8 DPS + 8 GPMU + 8 TMU + 8 HV
  • DPS:1A per channel, can be connected to 8A
  • Vector depth:128M, SCAN depth : 4G, Capture memory depth : 64M
  • EPA:±200ps,EPR : 78ps
  • GPMU Accuracy:0.01%+0.5mV (4 wire connection)
  • 64 channels of device power supply (per slot)
  • 4 wire connection / ch
  • 0.5V ~ 3V @ 1A
  • -3V ~ 8V @ 0.5A
  • Channels can be ganged up to max. 64A
  • 4 channels of HS AWG 400Msps/16 bits
  • 4 channels of HS DIG 125Msps/16 bits
  • 4 channels of HR AWG 1Msps/24 bits
  • 4 channels of HR DIG 216Ksps/24 bits
  • 32 channels of VI force/measure (per slot)
  • -1V ~ +42@±100mA
  • -10V ~ +15@±250mA