Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

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【Spirox】Micro Inspection System

【Spirox】Micro Inspection System

Spirox MA6503D is a high quality image wafer inspection system with features of auto-storing defects image and position coordinate records to replace QC visual inspection on surface defects, including particles, scratches, etc.



  • Utilize a Line Scan Camera with wide FOV and fast scanning capabilities
  • Use a 3x lens to enhance image quality and improve the defect characteristics inspection
  • 5μm Defects Inspection Items: Particles, Scratches, Pad Defects, Bump Defects
  • Support Probe Mark Inspection (PMI) and offer PAD quick selection for detection settings
  • Support 3D inspection to measurement of Bump height and coplanarity
  • Auto wafer-level chuck with ±1.7um accuracy to process high accuracy wafer coordinate alignment
  • Zoning parameter setting to realize accurate inspection requirement by zones


【Inspection Process】


【Defect Inspection Application】



  • Replace QC visual inspection on surface defects
  • Auto-storing wafer surface defects image and position coordinate records
  • Compatible with 8-inch and 12-inch Wafer
  • Wafer Thickness:300μm ~ 2000μm
Wafer Handling
  • Support automatic opening function for 12-inch FOUP cassette
  • Wafer ID Scan
  • Pre-aligner (Notch Location)
  • Support wafer leveling function
  • Stage Flatness < 15μm
  • X/Y Axis Accuracy: ±1.7μm
  • Wafer Alignment
  • Camera: Line scan camera with 3x lens
  • FOV: Scanning length of 24mm x 300mm
2D Image
  • Minimum Defect Size: 5μm (Gray > 30)
  • Discoloration Inspection
  • Scratches Inspection
  • Contamination Inspection
  • Process Defects Inspection
  • Support PMI (Probe Mark Inspection) Scan Function
3D Image
  • Z-axis Resolution: 5μm
  • Measurement of Bump height and coplanarity (Ball Height Limit: 800μm)
  • Compatible with Wafer ID OCR
  • Output Format: .bmp or .jpg
  • Online Review System
  • Defect Image Output Format: SINF File
  • Offline Review System
  • Customized Report