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【Southport】JadeSiC-NK Non-Destructive Inspection System for SiC Crystal Killer-Defects Detection

【Southport】JadeSiC-NK Non-Destructive Inspection System for SiC Crystal Killer-Defects Detection

The Best Substitution for KOH Etching Method!

  • Industry first technology for non-destructive defect inspection for SiC substrates
  • Direct insight to SiC substrates wafer mapping for killer defects distribution
  • Effective monitor the quality of SiC substrates
  • Significant costs reduction comparing to KOH etching by avoid etching SiC substrates



  • Detect and identify defects on the surface and inside of SiC substrates with advanced NLO (non-linear optics) technology.
  • Non-destructive inspection to replace costly KOH etching method.
  • Whole SiC wafer defect scanning ability provides more accurate defect density distribution over the sampling interpolation of KOH etching method.
  • Focus on killer defects (BPD, TSD, MicroPipe, Stacking Fault) detection for SiC substrates.
  • Support 2”, 4”, 6”, 8” SiC substrates inspection.
  • Optional function of MicroArea 3D scan available.



  • Effective inspection and analysis tool to improve wafer process yield and significantly reduce direct and indirect production costs.
  • No costly SiC substrate wasted, free of toxic, corrosive and hazardous material.
  • JadeSiC-NK performs whole wafer scanning to more accurately present killer defect density distribution, as opposed to using traditional optical image sampling interpolation.
  • The best tool for continuous production process improvement.



  • Effectively and reliably detect and identify killer crystal defects of SiC.
  • Significantly reduce direct and indirect costs, which transfer to increase SiC substrate output compared to KOH etching method
  • State-of-the-art tool for SiC substrate production process improvement
    → Low-cost DOE (Design Of Experiment)
    → 100% inspection on extracted substrates out of one ingot for detailed ingot level quality analysis.
    → Enable effective tracking and analyzing ingots made by different batch or furnace.


【Introduction Video】



Model Number
Model Name
JadeSiC-NK, non-destructive inspection system for SiC killer defects (BPD/TSD/MP/SF),the best substitution for KOH etching method.
SiC Substrate /
EPI Wafer Size
2” 4” 6” 8”
Wafer Thickness
300 μm - 550 μm
XY Stage Repeatability : 0.1 μm
Inspection Items
Whole Wafer Defect Scan (MicroPipe, BPD, TED, TSD, SF, etc.)
Whole Wafer Defect Scan
Estimated Inspection Time
1 hr   @4”wafer    
2 hrs @6” wafer
4 hrs @8” wafer
Lateral Resolution
1 μm
MicroPipe Density (MPD)
Stacking Fault Area Percentage
Wafer Yield
Tri-angle and Carrot**
MicroArea 3D Scan (optional)
Field of View
400 μm x 400 μm
Scanning Zoom
Yes ( 1x - 10x )
Scan Resolution
Up to 1024 x 1024
Lateral Resolution
0.4 μm
Axial Resolution
0.25 μm
Min Increment of Z stage
0.02 μm
Wide Field Module Camera
Color Camera
(FOV 400 μm x 400 μm)

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